Maui CoCoNut Porter Review

I recently smuggled two beers out of Southern California. One was the Allagash Curieux. This CoCoNut Porter was the other. A fertile trip indeed! We’d planned to visit an amusement park (or something), but the GPS led us straight to Bevmo. Then, strangely enough, our electro-guide switched to Mormon mode—as we entered the parking lot, li’l Miss Disembodied-Robot-Voice demanded that we flip a U-turn and exit immediately. We nearly broke her Off button.

On the can you’ll find a POV illustration of some desperate soul attempting one last gulp from his coconut mug before succumbing to a beer-tsunami (I refuse to create the word “brewnami” … crap). Very Hawaiian! Well, the colors and stuff seem tropical at least. And aluminum cans are becoming popular with craft breweries right now, but I’ll leave that discussion for another article.

The porter exits its armor like a shadow edged in bronze and burgundy. Its mocha head lets loose a bouquet of dark chocolate and roasted malt—but only hints of coconuts, which seems odd for a beer named after coconuts. Moving on.

My first sip almost lives up to the smell. Later, as it warms, bolder flavors develop: bushels of bitter chocolate; sharp, sweet toffee and burnt sugar; a sudden surplus of the namesake nut. Pair these smooth flavors with a creamy body, moderate carbonation, and a barely noticeable 5.7% ABV, and you have an extremely drinkable non-traditional dessert beer. I prefer my porters a bit more potent, but I wouldn’t decline another can if it showed up on Arizona shelves.

Author’s Note: If you’re looking for another good Hawaiian porter, I recommend Kona’s Pipeline Porter. It’s a slightly better value for the money.

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  1. Hmm…this sounds pretty interesting. Although it seems weird that it tastes mostly of chocolate, and toffee rather than coconut.

    • Scott says:

      Yeah, it was a bit strange (although sweet flavors like chocolate aren’t unusual in porters), but it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing; sometimes added flavors in beers can overwhelm the other flavors. The coconut definitely came out as it warmed, but it was still quite well-balanced.

  2. Ben says:

    i am drinking this today, for the record. will report back.

  3. Ben says:

    addendum: stop drinking the same beers i do at around the same time. it’s getting creepy.

  4. Ben says:

    i tried it. was not offered a glass to pour it into, which lessened the experience. usually, it would have been no problem to get a glass at the locale, but it was the shrine’s 2 year anniversary and it was packed and they only have 3 waiters/waitresses, so i didn’t want to be a dick.

    pretty good, but it’s no kona. which, by the way, i found for $8 last night.

  5. Ben says:

    yes, sorry. realized my mistake right after i posted, didn’t want to waste another.

    so i’ll waste another here instead.

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