Reader Input Follow-Up

So I recently had a reader input day. If you don’t remember it, you might want to take some vitamin B6 or something. Anyway, I gathered some great feedback from the small but sassy group that commented and clicked on the poll. It seems my readers want more depth in my reviews, more information about the science and history of beer, more awe-inspiring photographs, and more, um … Godzilla.

Well here it is, you buncha smarty-pantses.


If that photographic wizardry didn’t scratch your Godzilla itch, wait till you read this: The reptilian fiend himself told me that he plans to hide Where’s-Waldo style in all (or at least most) of my future photos/posts. I guarantee he’ll be easier to find than that barber-poll-clad bastard. Not enough? OK, my first successful homebrew recipe will bear the Godzilla moniker. A Japanese-style beer might seem appropriate, but I’m thinkin’ strong ale – something big enough to topple cities, like an imperial stout. I guess we’ll just cross that bridge (and then destroy it in an unfettered fit of lizard-fury) when we come to it.

On Monday, I’ll unleash phase two in my beer(ein)stein revamp: a more detailed review system, complete with restructured flow and bonus scoring intervals. Which beer am I reviewing? Fuller’s ESB, a British classic.

9 Responses to “Reader Input Follow-Up”
  1. Deb says:


  2. Ben says:

    i like fuller’s esb a lot. and i love the idea of godzilla in all pictures. i might come back THRICE weekly now!

  3. James W. says:

    The picture had me cracking up. Being who I am I noticed the bottle of Jubel 2010 first, then Godzilla came into view. The humor you work into your posts is part of what makes them so enjoyable and keeps me coming back. Can’t wait to see more improvements!

  4. Tom Butcher says:

    Mmm… Fuller’s is always a classic!

  5. ROBIN says:

    Godzilla is cool.

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