The Beer Week That Will Never Be

Oh, cruel fate! Through a calamitous lack of foresight, I am currently missing out not only on the Beer Bloggers Conference in Portland, Oregon, but also on Portland Beer Week itself. Both started today and will spill into the weekend.

How could this happen? I’m good people. I always tip well at bars and say “excuse me” when I have to knock people out of my way at beer festivals. And I usually plan ahead for stuff like this. Did I somehow anger the beer gods?

In all seriousness, Portland is one of my favorite beer destinations, so I feel like a moron for not learning about this sooner and making arrangements to attend. If you’re a blogless attendee (seems unlikely, but I’m outta options here) and you feel like jotting down your thoughts about it, please send ’em in! I’d love to have something about the Beer Bloggers Conference on my beer blog, even if I won’t be attending.

2 Responses to “The Beer Week That Will Never Be”
  1. shawn says:

    i noticed that ‘the beer babe’ had a blog fundraiser for her trip to portland.

    perhaps you could do that next year…or, perhaps find a suitable family member who might be willing to travel with you to said conference to half the expenses.

    this family member is probably me.

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