It’s a Beer Market

So there’s this new beer bar opening in D.C. on October 8. It’s called The Big Board, and its theme is Wall Street. Topical!

At The Big Board, the word “theme” means more than some Oliver Stone movie posters and a few Rolling Stones tracks on repeat — well, it might have those. I have no idea. The bar’s real draw, though, is fluctuating beer prices. If you keep buying your favorite brew, prices could drop as you drink it. Keep reading to get an in-depth explanation from the owner.

“The Big Board is slangy way to refer to the stock market and we are going try something a little different as it relates to beer prices. The difference is that the prices will only go down from their set menu price and will be based on what people are ordering. We have never planned on that extending to the kitchen. We see it as fun way to get customers involved and have them decided what our specials are based on what they are ordering. As with Wall Street, there is always the risk of a “market crash” where the original prices will reset.”

I don’t know how you feel about Wall Street, but I sorta dislike the idea that a group of dual-phone-wielding lunatics making educated guesses about invisible money can unhinge the world economy. Thinking about it always makes me picture a room full of people punching a blindfolded grizzly in the mouth and then acting shocked and indignant when it starts randomly murdering them. Maybe that’s why they call it a bear market.

I do, however, like the idea of exchanging liquid assets for liquid bread. Seems like the hustle and bustle of Wall Street could be greatly improved if those day traders hung up their phones and sat down for a beer or two. It might even help them work things out with all those protesters.

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  1. Ben says:

    The “market crash” sounds a bit dodgy to me; sounds like the sort of thing they’d do onaccounta rather than because of the state of their accounts.

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