Surviving Oktoberfest

I was planning to write something about Oktoberfest, seeing as it’s basically the world’s most famous beer festival, but it ended earlier this month and I never got around to it. Thankfully, the talented folks at Accredited Online Colleges apparently have my back. Click read more to check out the infographic, which I (perhaps surprisingly, considering my affection for rants) enjoyed quite a bit.One or two of the facts seem a tad inaccurate — most beers are 4 percent? — but overall it’s a well-executed, informative, and entertaining piece of media. Thanks to Muhammad Saleem for bringing it to my attention.

Source: Accredited Online Colleges

6 Responses to “Surviving Oktoberfest”
  1. Deb Miller says:

    I enjoyed the timeline…maybe I’ll go to Munich next year (if the smoking ban thing works out)!

    • Scott says:

      I was happy to read about that too! And I’d love to go to Munich at any time of the year … but especially during Oktoberfest.

  2. fil says:

    I suspect they mean most crappy American macro-brews (aka Miller/Bud/Coors) are around 4%. Not saying it’s true, just guessing that’s what the writer is referring to. (Germans wouldn’t need a survival guide). As for Oktoberfest, BRATS & Bavarian Marzen! I’m there!

    • Scott says:

      Yeah, I think that’s what they meant too, even though most American macro pilsners are around 5%. And yes! Brats and marzen sound awesome … luckily Thunder Canyon has Oktoberfest food at the moment. 🙂

  3. Sandy says:

    I just read about a beer float, just add ice cream to a tall glass of beer-it also said beer is now being used for cakes, candy even bread pudding-have you tired any of these?

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