Beer’s Secret BFFs

In some parts of the world, beer is drowning in cliches. You’ve probably heard many of them: beer should always be drunk ice cold; beer should never taste bitter; beer should invariably be served with pizza. Aside from being inaccurate, these platitudes harm beer’s image, forcing it into a 24-pack that’s way too small for […]

Budget-Beer Bible | Chapter 2

Chapter 1 began with a rule (“Avoid beer on sale”), and now Chapter 2, per readers’ requests, will outline the exceptions to that rule. Not all sale-beer is bad, and I’ll explain why. I’ll also provide some handy tips for determining a beer’s freshness. Huzzah!

Beer Basics | The Lager/Ale Enigma

“My friend wants an ale, but I’ll just have a beer.” Have you ever heard that (or some variation thereof) in a bar or liquor store? I sure have. Most casual beer fans seem to know that lagers and ales differ in some way. Yet many are unaware of the pair’s major similarity: They’re both […]