Beer of the Month Club

Last Christmas, I received a gift from my cousin and comrade in ales, Shawn Rexius (whom I cannot in good conscience mention without bringing up his twin, Shane, who is also my brotha from anotha motha), and his super-cool wife, Tiffany. The gift? A three-month subscription to this Beer of the Month Club (hereby abbreviated […]

So God walks into a bar …

Easter Sunday, one of the most important days on the Christian calendar, has come and gone. I wonder how many people celebrated with a beer. “Beer?” some might ask. “On Easter Sunday? Sacrilege!” Or perhaps they’d sit politely, shifting once or twice but remaining silent. Or maybe they drank wine. For centuries, we Americans have […]

Low-Brow Lineup

Alternative title: Scott’s Splitting Headache. My attempts to prepare for this piece failed horribly. The goal was to purchase, drink, and assess the so-called low-brow beers — you know, the cheap stuff — then rank them. Off I drove to a local liquor emporium that prices beer by the bottle. After piling cheap beers into […]