Victory at Sea Review

In last week’s beer fest report, I forgot to mention one particularly tasty sample: Ballast Point’s Victory at Sea. From what I heard after the festival, this coffee vanilla imperial porter upstaged many of the other beers. Unfortunately I didn’t remember what it tasted like (even though I did try it — probably late in […]

Cave Creek Chili Beer Review

Last week, I recommended a few low-brow brews. Now I’m wrapping the beers in caution tape. My first warning applies to Bud Light Golden Wheat, which tasted like a cardboard cutout of a wheat beer. I doubt the scientists who made it used actual wheat; rather, they probably created a “wheat beer” flavor in their […]

Black Albert Review

About a week or two ago I bought a 12-ounce bottle of Black Albert, a “royal” stout from Belgium. It left my wallet 10 bucks lighter. In response to all skeptical looks: The Buds and the Millers and the PBRs of the world have their time and place, and the Black Alberts have theirs. Here’s […]