Red Chair NWPA Review

I try to ensure a certain level of polish in my posts. I edit and re-edit my work, striving to make it readable without sacrificing eloquence. As a result, my beer reviews are usually as finely tuned as I can make them. But my inner nemesis, Drunk Scott — the tiny me who spends his […]

Burton Baton Review

Long before I began my bromance with beer, Dogfish Head was brewing some of the best ales around. And they still are — their current lineup includes a stellar selection of year-round beers, seasonals, and occasional Frankenbeer’s monsters. So you might be wondering why I’ve hardly mentioned them before now. The answer is, uh … […]

Aventinus Review

Aventinus — almost sounds like a character from Greek mythology, doesn’t it? Well, it is. But G. Schneider & Sohn apparently chose the name to honor Johannes Aventinus, a Bavarian historian and philologist who wrote an influential German history book. Will this info make the beer taste better? Only if you, like me, enjoy watching […]