Autumn Maple Review

Ah, Thanksgiving. This year I had plenty to be thankful for: a supportive family, money to pay the bills this month, and three beers to complement America’s most famous feast. But now—now my beers are gone, and I am thankful for nothing! I kid. The aperitif, Duvel, which I mentioned in my last article, was […]

Oskar Blues Old Chub Review

What kinda name is Old Chub, you ask? No idea. It has me stumped (isn’t chub a kind of fish?), but according to Oskar Blues brewery, Old Chub’s a strong Scottish-style ale that “takes care of our deep affections for malt” by incorporating seven different malts, hops from across the pond, and beechwood-smoked grains. Sounds […]

Maui CoCoNut Porter Review

I recently smuggled two beers out of Southern California. One was the Allagash Curieux. This CoCoNut Porter was the other. A fertile trip indeed! We’d planned to visit an amusement park (or something), but the GPS led us straight to Bevmo. Then, strangely enough, our electro-guide switched to Mormon mode—as we entered the parking lot, […]