Simpler Times Review

I know what you must be thinking, but no, I’m not trying to squeeze some ham-fisted Rockwellian metaphor into existence when I say I’m reviewing Simpler Times this week. I really purchased a beer called Simpler Times. It’s available at Trader Joe’s for $2.99 a six-pack. And, at that price, I really am reminded of […]

Birthday Beer Reviews | Part 2

Shall we jump right in? (Click here to read the last batch.) Birthday Beer No. 3: Downtown Brown (Lost Coast) From: Ben Rice, fellow beer geek After tasting Lost Coast’s Great White witbier, I stopped buying their beers. This wasn’t a conscious decision; at the time, witbiers were my favorite style, and Great White simply […]

Birthday Beer Reviews | Part 1

I love you. That’s right, you. And not only for the reasons I’ll be discussing in the next paragraph, but also because you take time out of your day (that could be spent working or spelunking or whatever) to visit this website and read my ramblings. As much as writers like to say they write […]