Guest Review | Alaskan Baltic Porter

By Ryan Martinson Given the fact that I am a guest writer for this blog, I thought it fitting to at least give a brief biography of myself, more specifically the history behind my newfound passion for that sudsy, refreshing and intoxicating liquid that is beer. When I first started drinking it wasn’t for the […]

Rogue Double Mocha Porter Review

Please don’t assume I’m a Rogue fanboy. Sure, I write good things about them often. And yeah, if you scan this review, you’ll find a predictably high score at the bottom. What can I say? I love the flavors their proprietary Pacman yeast produces; I love their informative bottles, which provide everything from IBUs to […]

Fighting Flagships | Vol. 3

In this edition of Fighting Flagships, I’ve decided to scrap my scoring system. Unlike in normal reviews — where that bottlecap graphic is the carrot on the stick — Fighting Flagships is less about scores and more about the prestigious Golden Godzilla! Scoring each beer as I go along shanks the dramatic tension and dumps […]