Game Day Ice Review

You may have noticed that I’m not the biggest fan of multinational beverage conglomerates. My beef isn’t with their beers; most of those are passable. But I do dislike the way they put all their might and money into driving small breweries out of business (or buying them up and diluting their beers). But, shady […]

Orval Trappist Ale Review

When I decided to review Orval as a follow-up to my Belgian beer article, I knew it would get a high score. In fact, I suspected it might grab my first “perfect” five (well, my first serious one — I’d say that beer deserved a 3.75 or so). But then I asked myself, “Is Orval […]

Homebrew Review

In case you missed the author’s note that ended my last article: I’ve decided to put recent unfortunate experiences behind me and reboot beer(ein)stein with an article that’s actually about beer. My beer! As you might remember, a few months ago my friend Ryan and I threw some water, barley, hops, and yeast into a […]