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Beer Basics | The Chili

This seemed like an appropriate post to feature, seeing as I just wrote an article about beer and food.

Cave Creek Chili Beer Review

Last week, I recommended a few low-brow brews. Now I’m wrapping the beers in caution tape. My first warning applies to Bud Light Golden Wheat, which tasted like a cardboard cutout of a wheat beer. I doubt the scientists who made it used actual wheat; rather, they probably created a “wheat beer” flavor in their […]

Low-Brow Lineup

Alternative title: Scott’s Splitting Headache. My attempts to prepare for this piece failed horribly. The goal was to purchase, drink, and assess the so-called low-brow beers — you know, the cheap stuff — then rank them. Off I drove to a local liquor emporium that prices beer by the bottle. After piling cheap beers into […]