Kings of Craft

Earlier this week I read an article about last year’s World Beer Cup winners. In the comments section, a bunch of Europeans were bullying American beers. All right, guys, we get it; during the half-century following American prohibition, we produced a lot of watered-down lagers, but it sounds as if you haven’t tried a U.S. […]

Red Chair NWPA Review

I try to ensure a certain level of polish in my posts. I edit and re-edit my work, striving to make it readable without sacrificing eloquence. As a result, my beer reviews are usually as finely tuned as I can make them. But my inner nemesis, Drunk Scott — the tiny me who spends his […]

Beer & Christmas Dinner

I’d planned to review Dogfish Head’s Chicory Stout today, seeing as I somehow forgot to sample it during my search for the best winter beers. Then, yesterday at lunch, a tiny exploding star disguised as tomato basil soup sent my taste buds to the burn ward. Rather than lie about my inability to taste the […]