Game Day Ice Review

You may have noticed that I’m not the biggest fan of multinational beverage conglomerates. My beef isn’t with their beers; most of those are passable. But I do dislike the way they put all their might and money into driving small breweries out of business (or buying them up and diluting their beers). But, shady […]

The American Bevolution

Beers have nationalities, just like people. British styles taste distinctly British; Belgian beers have flavors unlike anything else on Earth. But American beers, like American people, are a mixed bag. Some of us take comfort in tradition; others relish experimentation. It makes sense that our breweries produce everything from pilsners to imperial stouts. But, with […]

Made in the Shade Festival Report

Beer festivals, like the beers they serve, come in many styles. Some try to awe with a high volume of vendors; others showcase unusually potent brews. Occasionally, however, one simply shows up. I’m sad to say that 2010’s Made in the Shade beer festival leaned more toward the latter of those three; I think I […]