Beer Einstein: Year One

The day has arrived at last. More than a year ago, my wife and I left our home in Tucson, Arizona, and headed toward Portland, Oregon, only to briefly return to Tucson, get stranded in Phoenix, and finally move back to Tucson. During that tumultuous time, I started beer(ein)stein as a way to save my […]

Simpler Times Review

I know what you must be thinking, but no, I’m not trying to squeeze some ham-fisted Rockwellian metaphor into existence when I say I’m reviewing Simpler Times this week. I really purchased a beer called Simpler Times. It’s available at Trader Joe’s for $2.99 a six-pack. And, at that price, I really am reminded of […]

In the Year Two Thousaaaaand

Well, I’ve been writing about nothing but my birthday for a solid month now, and I’m beginning to feel like an egomaniacal prick, so today’s article offers something a little different. Inspired by the last few paragraphs of this post, my pal Ryan and I have decided to gaze into the future and review several […]