Kings of Craft

Earlier this week I read an article about last year’s World Beer Cup winners. In the comments section, a bunch of Europeans were bullying American beers. All right, guys, we get it; during the half-century following American prohibition, we produced a lot of watered-down lagers, but it sounds as if you haven’t tried a U.S. […]

Oskar Blues Old Chub Review

What kinda name is Old Chub, you ask? No idea. It has me stumped (isn’t chub a kind of fish?), but according to Oskar Blues brewery, Old Chub’s a strong Scottish-style ale that “takes care of our deep affections for malt” by incorporating seven different malts, hops from across the pond, and beechwood-smoked grains. Sounds […]

Should We Can the Bottle?

In the beer industry, a war is brewing. All right, several wars. But the war for shipping vessel supremacy is one of the most fierce—and the least understood. “Cheap beer comes in cans,” some of you might say. “Fancy-schmancy stuff comes in bottles. What’s the issue?” Well, some craft breweries have been opting for aluminum […]