Best Drinkin’ Music of 2010

Before I started writing about beer, before I even liked the stuff, I spent a lot of time critiquing music, movies, and video games. During that time, I acquired a passion for music that nearly matches my thirst for beer. And I discovered (during exhaustive field research) that they go surprisingly well together. Beer stimulates […]

Rogue Double Mocha Porter Review

Please don’t assume I’m a Rogue fanboy. Sure, I write good things about them often. And yeah, if you scan this review, you’ll find a predictably high score at the bottom. What can I say? I love the flavors their proprietary Pacman yeast produces; I love their informative bottles, which provide everything from IBUs to […]

The American Bevolution

Beers have nationalities, just like people. British styles taste distinctly British; Belgian beers have flavors unlike anything else on Earth. But American beers, like American people, are a mixed bag. Some of us take comfort in tradition; others relish experimentation. It makes sense that our breweries produce everything from pilsners to imperial stouts. But, with […]