Brewing Your Own Super-Small-Batch Beer

Man, I miss homebrewing. I haven’t done it in a while because, well … I haven’t had a home.

Actually, I haven’t had a house. A one bedroom apartment can be a home, but it can’t be more than what it is. It typically has a small kitchen, one that’s way too cramped for maneuvering five-gallon buckets and big steel pots. Speaking of big steel pots, I hate big steel pots. Especially on electric stove tops — you know, the kind you find in one bedroom apartments. Fill it more than a few gallons and the water never boils. Trust me. I’ve tried. Then you need to store it somewhere cool and dark … you get the idea. Brewing your own beer when you have virtually no space and inadequate appliances isn’t impossible, but it’s definitely a pain in the ass.

But there is hope, according to this article I found on food website CHOW. (If that’s an acronym, I have no idea what it means, so let’s go with, uh, Chewing … Hogmeat … on … Weekdays? Sure, why not.) The article explains how to make extra small batches of homebrewed beer. It uses equipment I either already have or could easily procure, and it doesn’t require tons of extra space or a fancy stove that’s fueled by the sun. There are downsides, of course, such as only having gallon jugs of the stuff lying around (as opposed to the 12-ounce bottles in the photo), which would need to be emptied once opened (wait, this is a downside?), but overall this sounds like something I’d definitely like to try. I’m even looking forward to the condescending stares from hipsters at the homebrew store.

8 Responses to “Brewing Your Own Super-Small-Batch Beer”
  1. Ben says:

    That’s ok, it just means you’re doing it way before it was cool.

  2. Ryan says:

    I did homebrew before it was cool….
    And that’s me in the picture woohoo!!!

  3. Deb Miller says:

    Oh, the memories of homebrewing!There’s that wonderful smell! If you don’t have space to homebrew, you could duplicate the aroma by inviting some high school basketball players over. They could all take off their shoes and let the smell permeate your space. Good times!

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