This site is intended to be viewed by individuals of legal drinking age. Like me.

Greetings. My name’s Scott. I love beer, and I love to write. That’s probably all you need to know for now, but I’m going to ramble on a while anyway.

My earliest beer encounters, which involved fizzy, pale liquids of questionable freshness, left me dispirited and even angry. How had this bitter stuff gained such popularity? Which of Satan’s henchmen was to blame?

But years later (now years ago), a more flavorful beer somehow wandered into my mouth and, for several dazzling seconds, sloshed itself around on my tongue. Flavors erupted as a veil lifted from the stars, and I could see galaxies.

Since then, I’ve been chugging information about beer, whether by browsing beer websites, brewing the stuff myself, or imbibing brews of all shapes and sizes (I even enjoy the fizzy pale ones on occasion).

My friends and family seem to appreciate this information (emphasis on “seem”– they could be humoring me), and I know they enjoy my fridge full of delicious beer, so I decided to found beer(ein)stein, a forum for discussing awesome beers, contemplating beer’s place in modern culture, and exploring the brewing process — but that isn’t all this website has to offer. It’s developing into a hub for other things I’m a geek about, including video games, science, myth-busting, and more. Thanks for reading!

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