Mission Brewpossible

What beer will I discuss today? Mine. Recently I redirected a chunk of my tax return toward – wait for it – homebrewing equipment. That’s right, faithful readers; the time has finally arrived.

Red Chair NWPA Review

I try to ensure a certain level of polish in my posts. I edit and re-edit my work, striving to make it readable without sacrificing eloquence. As a result, my beer reviews are usually as finely tuned as I can make them. But my inner nemesis, Drunk Scott — the tiny me who spends his […]

Beer Basics | The Black & Tan

The words “black” and “tan,” when paired together, once referred to a noble breed of hound; then, during the Irish War of Independence, to a brutal band of counter-revolutionaries. Now, it describes a drink. A mixed drink, to be exact — a blend of light and dark beers, usually a stout perched atop a pale […]