The History of Wine in Tulsa, Oklahoma

By Haley Kieser  Today, there is a large variety of different wines that we can enjoy for almost any occasion. This beverage dates back to approximately 4100 BC; however, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, wine wasn’t always around. In fact, it didn’t begin to emerge until the late 1800s, where it flourished into what it is today. […]

Wine Events You Must Attend in 2018


By Haley Kieser The culture of a wine lover goes far deeper than what many perceive on the outside. It is about your senses being taken over, stimulation of the body, and health. For most wine lovers, this is great to do at home, but experiencing it with a whole group of people who are […]

Tour de Wine: East Coast Wineries

By Haley Kieser A wine tour can be one of the most fun aspects of a vacation. You’re all drinking the same drinks, you have a scenic background and, of course, you get to try a few different types of wine. Check out these east coast wineries to get started. A great place to start […]