Mission Brewpossible

What beer will I discuss today? Mine. Recently I redirected a chunk of my tax return toward – wait for it – homebrewing equipment. That’s right, faithful readers; the time has finally arrived.

Filling up on Beer Terms

If you’ve browsed my Beer Terms page lately (i.e., before I posted this article), you might have noticed that it was starting to fill out nicely but that a few letters were remaining mysteriously empty. I’ve designed this article to fix that – and to make me seem smart, of course, which is why I […]

New Beer Resolutions

As each new year begins, many of us resolve to change our ways. But life — along with new TV shows about pretty doctors with relationship problems — often dismantles our ambitions. So, in 2010, I’m focusing on two topics that I love: beer (did you expect knitting?) and writing, both of which lead back […]